Saturday, March 31, 2007

Share your memories of PJ Mudd

During his life, Paul touched the lives of many people.
We encourage family and friends to share their thoughts by posting to this blog.

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Tamera "Tami" Mudd Zivic, PJ's Mom said...

PJ was very special - but then, what Mother doesn't say that!!

Of course, YOU all know that HE REALLY WAS.

Please share your thoughts, feelings, joy and sorrow here with us all as we Celebrate Paul Mudd, Jr...and cry together because he is gone.

samantha said...

PJ was a specil person to me because he was my big brother. I will love him forever.

samantha said...

I have writen a poem for PJ.

Paul Jr
My brother
In my heart
He shall be
With out
Drugs and death
My loved one for life

Erin said...

I thought my love
Would pull us through,
But my words of encouragement
Were useless on you.

I don’t know if
I can live with the pain.
You fought hard,
But I’m to blame.

I will no longer get to see your face,
Or even have one last embrace.
It’s only three days and it’s so hard,
But I know you’re in a better place.

Anonymous said...

PJ.... It doesnt seem real, it feels like yesterday has come and gone so fast. I will never forget the great times we all had together you, me, katie and our family. The times we spent up in Heber with grandma and grandpa Munsil and the times I would come over and spend the night at your house and would never want to leave because we all had the most fun together.(That was If we all didnt get into trouble) There in our early years we were all almost inseparable. PJ you will always be in my heart. --I love you May you rest in peace. Your Cousin,

Grandma Munsil "Pencil" said...

Great-Grandma Hazel Munsil, aka Grandma Pencil, wrote this on Tuesday, September 29, 1987: "Beanie (Katie) and PJ spent the afternoon, as Beanie has an arm broken in 2 places. She is a good little girl, but PJ is something else! They had supper with us - they sure like corn-on-the cob!"

Hazel passed on March 14, 2001 and WE KNOW that she welcomed Paul, Jr with open and loving arms.

Anonymous said...

Well,"little guy," I see you made it to the other side.Those who have gone before will be so happy to see you !

One of the last times I saw you, you went out of your way to smile and give me a big hug and said good-bye.I believe at that moment we both understood that we were having very difficult times. Your hug will always be with me.

It is sad that society moves so fast, is so intent on accumulating "things" that they forget how precious our family is and how short our life is . See you soon "little guy".

Love, Grandma Dawn

Monica Mattick said...

When I think of PJ, I only think of smiles and laughter. His face completely lit up when he smiled and he was always ready with a laugh. He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

For our dear Paul Francis Mudd Jr. and his loving parents and siblings ... I extend to you all my support and utmost love!

The following poem is for my feelings about P.J. (but also all of you!):

In my heart are many memories of the loving things you've done, and today I want to tell you that I'm thankful for each one. And there's one special memory that I'd like to mention, too ~ Ever since I can remember, I remember loving you!

I am praying for us ... we shall be stronger for having P.J. in our lives Our Loving God is with him today and all of us ALWAYS!


Auntie T

ANDY MUDD said...

i miss pj he was a good kid. and was fun to play with.and if he did not do the stuf he did he would still be alive. i loved him alot and i know he loved me to.

Anonymous said...

Some called him "PJ",
some called him "Paul"
His smile was his trademark,
wherever he went.
A room would brighten
when Paul Jr. came in
'cause the first thing you saw,
would be his grin!

A Nephew with a good heart;
a Person so true!
Whatever he had,
he'd share it with you!
A laugh or two, or a kind
word for a while
but always, oh always;
He'd share 'His Smile'.

Our hearts are breaking,
our thoughts are going wild!
We've lost a part of our family
“But only for a while,"
I heard Jesus say,
"He's been chosen for the
Musicians Jam!"

Hand selected by Jesus from
this 'garden of life'
Gone to Heaven!-He's
through with this strife!
Why is he gone?
God only knows.
Oh what a nephew he was
Keep Smiling PJ

Love Uncle Russ

Carolyn said...

Paul was an amazing person. He always made me laugh, and I have so many good memories of our times together.
He was there for me when I didn't have a lot of people around and I was so appreciative of that.
I cannot even say how much I will miss him and my heart goes out to his family.
I love you Paul.

Robert said...

Paul Mudd, that name did not mean anything to me 2 years ago when I moved to Arizona. But two years later now that name has meant so much to me. When I moved I did not know anyone in the area and Paul from the moment I met him opened his arm and his hear to me...He is one of those people that you just miss to be around. I would like to also send my thoughts and prayers to his family and just let everyone know how great of a person he was. I love you, will miss you, and will be praying for you brother.
With All the Love and Regret in the World,
Robert Knobbe

ChristinaO said...

Most of my memories of you are from back in the day! Fun times at St.Thomas (weren't those the days!) and jr. high and high school when we would all hang out at Drew's place, bouncing on the trampoline, hanging out with Patty and eating her wonderful goodies. You always seemed to be smiling and we all shared many fun times and memories. You will be so missed and my heart and prayers go out to your family and friends, you will all be in my thoughts...

Anonymous said...

PJ was such a fun and caring person. His smile could be seen miles away. How could you have a bad day with that smile around. I had the pleasure working with him at his mother's office and he helped me load up the truck when I was moving out of state. My thoughts and prayers are with you Tamera and all your family. We know PJ is with God now and is at peace. My God comfort and give you peace in the days ahead as you miss PJ and he will be missed. Good bye PJ. Karen Morgan a friend.

Bill and Carol Zivic said...

Some people take a hundred years to make their mark in the world. PJ made his in a much shorter time.

Another star shines in the sky at night with PJ's name on it. His star will shine down on us for a long time, and he will always be with us.

We love you and miss you, PJ.

Tina said...

Father, God,
I lift up this family to you in their grief and heartach and pray that you would comfort them in the days, months, years to come. I pray that you would extend to them the peace that only you can give. Please sustain them as they embark upon this journey of greif that has come to them, not by their own chosing. I pray that you would place them each in the hearts and minds of those who love them and even those who don't know them, but who are willing to take a moment and pray for them. In thy Holy and precious name, Amen
You are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Although I do not know Paul or your family, I so remember the pain of losing my younger brother at this same age. God is good and He will bring you through this.

Anonymous said...

I met Paul my senior year. My best friend nicole was dating Eric and Paul was his roomate!! I chilled with him only a few times. We have A TON a mutal friends. I will always remember him. This will impact me. I am glad he is in a better place free of the ugly things Earth has on it.

Peace and Love, teigan

Katie Jones said...

PJ, Hey Buddy! Im Amelia's gurl, I guess we are kinda twins since ur initials are P-J and mine are! I know how much you meant to your family and Amelia loves you soo much! You will be missed....Just know that you were loved....KJ

Anonymous said...

I will never forget the time I spent living with Paul. He was my best friend. Nobody could make me laugh as much as that kid wether he ws just being goofy around the house or acting like a rockstar while playing his guitar loud enough to hear down the street. I had so much fun with you Paul and im sorry that i hadn't talked to you in a while. You will always be one of my best friends.

Anonymous said...

We haven't talked in awhile, but just know that those nights spent at the "rent-a-house" were some memories that will never leave me. The blasting of guitars, drawing on sleeping people's foreheads with permanent markers, and the nights I made spaghetti for you guys (because apparently that's all I can cook) were some of the most fun times I'll remember. You were one of those few and too far between people who accept others as they are, regardless of their past or problems. You could make anyone feel like a good friend, and I'll always remember you smiling and laughing, even when most of the things I said really weren't that funny. :) You will be missed Paul...regardless of how long you were here, you made a bigger impact in some people's lives than others do in an entire lifetime. Godspeed, and we'll see you later. Save us a spot.

Anonymous said...

"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our love and attention"
PJ...I'm sooo sorry that I wasn't there for you, but mostly, I'm sorry that I hadn't seen you in so long, too long to be exact. You were always my buddy and I thought you'd always be there, but I was wrong because you needed us and we weren't there, I wasn't there. I love you sooo much. Sometimes I'm not sure why things happen the way they do or for the reasons that they happen, but I pray that you find true happiness, love and peace in where you are today. May you carry on your ability to make people laugh and never forget to smile that beautiful smile.

I will never forget the times of our younger days, we all had so much fun and got in so much trouble together, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I will forever keep the memeories of you alive in my heart!!
With all my love,
Your cousin,

Andrew Hamilton said... describe the positive impact you've made on my describe all the feelings of joy and love you brought to everyone that came into contact with you can't be done with words.
You were my first friend, in fact it was that big laugh and contagious smile that brought us friendship that first day of bible school when we were 4. You were always there for me, whether I needed help moving a sofa or just needed a listener, I could always count on your positive, non judgemental attitute. Thank you so much for that. I'm sorry I haven't been around for the last few years, I will forever regret that. I love you will be missed but I will always remember the days when we were best friends.

Taylor H. said...

Paul, Its been way too long since I have talked to you.I miss the days working at Ajo Al's with you. We had so much fun!! Remember when you tried teaching me how to drive your truck? You were so scared!! There are so many more memories of you that I will never forget. You will always be in my heart!!!

Carl Mudd - PJ's Uncle said...


I did not fear death,
And death did not fear me.
When we met each other,
That’s how it was meant to be.

I’ll be waiting here in heaven,
Please live your life full, and treat others well,
So that that you can join me.

Most things in life can’t be understood,
And this is one of them,
best accept what has occurred,
know that I have I joined him.

I searched for meaning and my place,
Here on earth, which for all is rarely, very rarely, found,
But I was taught well by those I loved,
And now I’m heaven bound.
My place and meaning now I’ve found.
In God’s arms I can be found

When things make no sense at all,
And all we feel is despair,
And Goodness seems to be nowhere
And life seem be and is so unfair

Why let the best of us, like our Paul, so very kind and sweet
Find life’s hurt, pain & misery
How could you let them meet,
Where are you almighty,
Why do you abandon them,
How do you let them suffer.
Is there a master plan?
Any evidence of that at all?

You got lucky, you’ve just met him, met him in our Paul.

Paul may not have found earth’s peace,
Didn’t find his perfect calling,
Now he’s in god’s arms
This time there was no stalling.

How we treat others is what’s important,
Not what we materially achieve,
This is what Jesus taught and lived, and said
What we seem to have forgotten,
In what we should believe.
Where Paul was, so very different from us, so very far ahead.

With open arms I take him
Kind, warm and sweet, never a harsh word about anyone,
He’s in my arms, as he should be, now that his days are done.
His life’s a model, if you look close, for you and everyone.
Thank you for reminding me of your best.
Thank you for your Paul.

Andy said...

Paul - I know I hadn't seen you for a few years, but I have great memories of time we spent together at SGS. I still remember you having us ALL convinced that you were were Steve Nash's cousin...and we all believed it because you were quite the baller in those days. When I heard that you were gone, it made me stop and think about how we never really know how long we have. We have to do the best with the time that we have on this earth. You touched a lot of people, people who will never forget about you.

Andy Gaona

Anonymous said...

The Koleski Family sends their deepest sympathy to Paul, Tami, Katie, siblings and family. Tami, it seems like yesterday when we were busy with bible school at St. Thomas, when our kids were small and so full of mischief. Let alone how much younger we were.
I had the pleasure of PJ waiting our table at Ajo Al's, I knew immediately he was a Mudd. His smile beemed from ear to ear as he shared with me who was doing what and how the family has grown. After leaving dinner that evening, I felt very happy to see PJ and share a moment from the past.
My heart is overwhelmed with sorrow for all who loved PJ. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
LeAnne Koleski and Family

Sam Sinclair said...

Fifth grade seems so long ago until I heard the news about PJ. I was starting at a new school and was so scared that I would not see any familiar faces, the door opened and the first thing i saw was that "Mudd smile". I was so excited I new someone that I yelled PJ, apparently in fifth grade you have grown out of PJ and now your friends know you as Paul, of course I embarrassed the only person i know, but he didn’t care, he still let me sit next to him. I have so many good memories of the Mudd family, we love you guys so much!

Shelley Stevens said...

PJ is remembered as a toddler who loved to watch "Ghostbusters". He had an incredible smile, was very polite, and wonderful to be around. I remember his excitement when Cyndie was born. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Paul was one of those people who was just cool to hang out with. It was never weird or awkward. He always had something to say or make you laugh about. It's been a while since I've seen or talked to him and all I feel is regret that we lost touch. I know he's in a better place and being taken care of. Paul-I'll never forget you and you will be greatly missed.

Dan said...

To Paul Mudd and family I am really sorry to here of your loss as i know how it feels to loose a child god bless you Dan Perkins

KristinGalbraith said...

I got to know "PJ" when I joined the Mudd Family in 1995....He was only full of life, such spunk....He was always trying to get the "older cousins and uncles" to play a game of Basketball in Grandma Mudd's backyard....Somehow he "beat 'em" everytime....he was that good....and he was always up for a good challenging game. As PJ grew older and the family became bigger...PJ was always making sure the "younger ones" were entertained....some fond memories that my children have of Cousin PJ was him playing his guitar, playing Basketball at Grandma Mudd's with him, his funny jokes or his quick-witted humor (which seems to run in the Mudd blood)....We saw him last in 2005, here when the Mudd's visited San Diego, which was so very special to get to see everyone growing up and having lives of their own....He was always so fun to have around, he will be so very missed...Thank you PJ for sharing 22 years with us....we are honored that PJ is a part of our family and PJ will continue to shine his light in this family...We Love you PJ~You will be remembered, Forever....

With Deepest Love & Gratitude,

Kristin, Mike, Dakota, Cheyenne & Kiowa Rose Galbraith

Anonymous said...

There was nothing but love in Paul's heart. I am so thankful to have had the time with paul that I did. I am also thankful that Paul doesn't have to struggle with worldly things anymore. We will never forget you - I miss you homie

jessica said...

Oh paul......The last time i saw u was about year ago, i wish we kept in touch more.I'll never forget ur lagh never ever forget ur smile.I never had someone passaway that i cared about, so its hard for me to understand why u left so soon.It's hard for me to put into words how i feel.All i know is that the best die young to young. I will always miss u n think of u.

Anonymous said...

Paul. I know I havnt seen you in a couple of years but i just wanted you to know how much of a good friend you are. You always had something funny to say or make me smile when i was having a bad day. you will be in my heart forever. Take care buddy .please watch down on us all and protect our friends from any evil that may arise in us!!

Anonymous said...

hey buddie, i miss u. We were friends the first day we met and we will be friends forever.You were always making me smile and laugh and I thought of u as a brother.Pauls favorite instrament was the gutar, second a megaphone. With those 2 he was deston for fame.Paul is my bestfriend and no person can fill his moccasins.
we love you John@Carly

Devin said...

I have so many great memories of Paul, I don't know where to begin. Our friendship started on the basketball courts at St. Thomas the Apostle. It was Paul, Andrew, and myself. We kinda looked like the evolution of man. Paul, 3 foot nothing with buck teeth and chubby cheeks. Andrew towering over the rest of the kindergarden class, and myself smashed in the middle. Even when Paul had to leave St. Thomas I knew we would remain good friends. We stayed buddies and became even better friends through the struggles of jr. high. The parties, the girls, those were the good ol' days. High school was even better. Paul and I were best friends. We partied more, wrote some epic tunes, and enjoyed all that life had to offer. There are very few friends in my life that I could always turn to in any situation and Paul was at the top of that list. He always had my back, and I had his. Whether it was family problems, girls, school, or just life in general we were always there for eachother. I could always count on Paul to be there and I'm gonna miss that. It's hard to even write this without getting choked up, but I know he would expect nothing less from me. I love you buddy, and I will never forget you.


Ms. Merritt said...

Just four years ago,at the Clarendon Ice Cream Social, I gave PJ the biggest hug that he generously returned to me. I was so proud of him. He still had that 'twinkling wisdom' in his eyes that I saw when I first met him in my sixth grade classroom eons ago. What a pleasure and comfort to read these blogs & to know that he has touched sooo many lives in ways that I feel he too touched mine! (Yes, Tami, I knew he was special the moment we met.) My grief is comforted by this website. I will light a candle at the Carmel Mission here in Carmel, California on Good Friday, April 6th,and I will send many prayers to all of you, family and friends. I know PJ will continue to fill us with his light and wisdom. Love,
joyce eee merritt

Anonymous said...

paul you were a great friend and you still are and always will be. you always had a smile on your face and it made me smile also. you are a great person and no one will ever forget you. you made your mark in history with all the friends you have, and at st. mary's starting tradition.

i am going to miss you.

Anonymous said...

One of the hardest things a mother has to do is to let go and watch her children leave home. When my son moved away for the first time you were the one that made it a bit easier for me. Your smile and your easy way of assuring me that everything would be ok was just what I needed.
I thank you for being part of my son's life. I know you have burned a hole in his heart that will last an eternity.
Some stories will be easier to remember and some lessons harder to forget. But all the memories will be part of so many lives that you touched. I hope your family finds comfort in knowing that you will live on in the hearts of so many others.
Becky (Brad's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Over this time,
beneath these days,
around all this sorrow,
through all this confusion,
beyond all this searching...
the love remains.


Richard said...

Paul i know the last time i saw you we were not on the greatest terms and regret that knowing what i know now...I have too many memories backing up the mrs. williams kindergarden class at sta all through sm days...Never involved in the daily drama just beating to your own drum...ill never forget your bday gathering when your dad was living in the roma house...the fight between you and ari morris was priceless but we still ended up making it to sunsplash a few hours before is closed...just know there are alot of people that care about you even if they dont show will be missed buddy..."May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face."

Carianne Ellsworth said...

Speaking of skilled prankster...
I remember PJ came over to our house with his dad when he was little, probably not more than 8 or 10 years old. We had just gotten a new puppy that we were trying to house train. PJ brought one of those little rubber doggy poo's to the house and being the sneaky kid he was, slipped it right onto the middle of my mom's rug. My mom freaked out and we were all trying not to laugh but then we all just started rolling with laughter. PJ you will be missed. TO the family, you are all in my prayers.

Mrs. Jenkins said...

To Paul's whole family,

I was so saddened when I heard the news of Paul's sudden death. After reading all of the wonderful testaments to him, the one common thread is always Paul's smile. I, too, remember his great smile when he was a student at St. Mary's or helping our family at Ajo Al's. He always had a smirk and a smile and a twinkle in his eye. please accept my prayers for Paul and your family.

Mrs. Jenkins

Anonymous said...

I remember Paul very well. He was always smiling and had the best sense of humor! His music was inspirational and his personality was very giving. All of us at Maverick are stunned and saddened by the news of Paul's death.
Our thoughts are with all of his family and friends-He loved all of you very much.
Chauntel Arbuckle
Maverick House

Anonymous said...

Paul was only a part of our Hilton Suites family for a short time, but his smile left a lasting impression on our guests and team members.
In reading other comments it is apparent that Paul made a lasting impression on all of his friends and family.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Kim Becker

Anonymous said...

Dear Mudd family and friends, I had the opportunity to have Paul in class at St. Mary's. I could tell that Pauls famous smile would be one of his unique gifts that the Lord bestowed on him to share with others. I know that he is with the Lord because he only takes the best. I hope that during this Easter season that everyone can give thanks for all we have and especially our chidren that we all love. From reading all the comments it appears that Paul touched many people with his outgoing friendship and acceptance towards all that he met. What a great way to be remembered. I read a card that the author is unknown and I think it is appropriate for Paul and all who loved him.
Perhaps they are not stars, but openings in the Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines upon us to let us know they are happy.
"Shine on Paul and God Bless you."
Sincerely Coach D

Anonymous said...

Dear Mudd family,
The loss of a child is so hard. We never expect to outlive our children. Yet we know that it happens to many. PJ... I remember the smile as well as the rest of you, but I'm going back to his second grade days. I remember, too, that he always had friends. Who wouldn't want to be with that smiling boy? His passing is such a loss, and leaves a hole in the lives of many. My prayers are for those of you who are left. Be good to each other. Remember all the wonderful things PJ did and accomplished. You have him with you always. Those thoughts and memories will sadden as well as gladden your life in years to come. Hold them dear. All who remember him will do the same. God bless you all during this sad time.
Charlene Mills

Karen Iversen said...

I am so very sorry to hear about your son, Pj's passing. Although I don't think I ever met him while we were at Make-A-Wish together, I did want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you now.

Anonymous said...

Paul & Tami
We are so sorry to hear of your loss. About 4 years ago installing a computer system at Ajo al's I spotted a young Gentleman and new immediatly he was your son. We chated through out the day and later I was able to chat with paul which was nice. I have this little poem that we keep on our fridge and it helps us on days when we are thinking of our loved ones that have gone to a better place. I hope it helps you.
Love, Tony & Stacy Lindauer

Remember Me
To the living I am gone
To the sorrowful, I will never return. To the angry I was cheated.But to the happy, I am at peace, and to the faithful I have never left. I cannot be seen, but I can be heard. So as you stand upon a shore, gazing at a beautiful sea- rember me. As you look upon a flower and admire it's simplicity- rember me. Remeber me in your heart, your thoughts and your memories of the times we loved, the times we cried, the times we fought, the times we laughed. For if you always think of me, I will never have gone.

Once again you guys and your entire family is in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I remember you with the brightest stars in yours eyes. It was like you had a hidden serenity burning inside you. I remember seeing myself in you. You were a unique person that reflected the beauty that each of us holds inside. I remember how you showed me some bands that I listen to almost daily..... even now, seven years since we first met. You were that kind of person. The kind that sticks in my most serene of memories forever. -Jordan Hidde

Anonymous said...

Paul, we didn't know you but our friend did and she cared so much. we know how great of a person you were and how you touched so many lives. She loved you so much and and we are thinking of you every minute of everyday. we know that you are looking down on us from this great place and you are having so much fun and anything bad that was going on is not happening now hope you feel so good and are more ahppy that we will ever know because that is all that we can hope for you. we know what an impact you had on our best friend and wish that you could have had that impact on us thank you for being you and thank you for helping her on the path that she went on!!!!!! LOVE YOU BE HAPPY AND POSITIVE THOUGHTS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

bethasavage said...

Paul, I am Beth, though I know that you are know me because you are looking down on me right now. Paul, I just want you to know that you are a very special person to my best friend, Taylor. I know that you are looking at her right now and you are so proud of all the positive choices that she made in her life. In a strange way I feel like I know you, actually I do know you, Taylor has shown me you. We all miss you and wish that you were here with us. I can't wait to meet you. I will see you when I get there. Taylor told me that you like Hendrix, so when we are all (Tay, Selenas, and I) we will jam..... I know that you are in the happiest place right now that you have ever been. It will take time for all of us to see that, maybe it will take so long that some of us won't even realize the happiness that you are feeling until we get there. We love you and we know that we do because Taylor said tonight that you were her "best friend". You are in our hearts and prayers even those of us that you didnt know personally. Paul, PJ... whatever it is that you like to go by.. I can't wait to meet you. Taylor and all of us love you. You really must be a special person, because I know that she is. Keep her strong. Beth Savage.

Tamera "Tami" Mudd Zivic, PJ's Mom said...

Thank you to everyone who came to Paul's Celebration last night. We were overwhelmed with your love and support. What a great statement to his life!!

For those of you who couldn't be with us - we know that you were there in thought and prayer.

We'll soon be posting some photos of the very special Celebration of Paul Mudd, Jr - so, stay tuned.

...and if you happen to have a couple of photos hanging around of you and Paul, send them our way and we'll get them on the site.

We are truly thankful for our wonderful family and friends.

Remember to pass on that smile!!

Love and Blessings,

Paul's Mom

Anonymous said...

Hello, Tammy and Paul. This is Kathy Tapija. Do you remember me and Allen? We used to play tennis doubles years and years ago. Katie and our Nathan were little pals then. We seem to have lost touch when PJ was very young. (Nathan turned 29 in June!)

We just happened to see PJ's obituary in the paper and feel so sad for you and your family. We enjoyed looking at the pictures on the web, and it brought back lots of memories.

Over the years, we have thought of you often. Tammy, I will always remember you for watching Nathan at the spur of the moment when I had to go to the hospital to see my Dad right before he passed away.

Allen and I moved from Tempe up to the Cave Creek area about 7 years ago. Nathan lives in North Phoenix. We would like to hear from both of you, if you get a chance. You can contact us through e-mail at

Please accept our sincere sympathy. We pray that God will bless and comfort you and your families.

Erin said...

I’ve known Paul for eleven years and we were very close. I remember when I first saw Paul in seventh grade and I whispered to my friend Stephanie about how cute I thought the new kid was. We giggled about how his last name Mudd was written on his green backpack and the fact that there was mud all over the bottom of it. Paul overheard us and immediately set us in our place!

Paul was my first big crush (who wouldn’t find his big smile and guitar playing skills attractive?) and we became friends instantly. It was that smile and sense of humor that drew me to him. I remember he got so angry with me when I picked the 8th grade mosts for our yearbook and he was put in the category “Best Smile.” When that photo was taken he refused to smile just to spite me. That was Paul though!

We remained friends until the end. We had many good times and some bad, but all those memories will stay with me forever. I feel honored that he was able to open up to me about things he wasn’t able to talk about with others. He was always there for me and I like to think that I was always there for him. It is really difficult for me to imagine my future without him in it, but no matter what I do, Paul will always be a part of me.

Thank you everyone for all your support on Friday. I can safely say that Paul appreciated all of you! Even though he might not have told you how much he cared about you, he definitely told me how much all of you meant to him.

I love you Paul and I will miss you!

“PJ’s special friend!”

Bernadette Mann said...


Son of my brother...

Grandchild, son, brother, nephew, cousin, friend

You were so much more than these words which labeled our earthly bonds, but not the depths of our love and feelings for you

Your bright spirit and wit drew others to you like moths to a flame

Though your spirit has soared to heaven you remain in the hearts of all you touched on this earth

Rest with God until we meet again PJ -- we will love you always.

--Aunt Bernie

Katie said...

I'm not sure what else to say but "thank you" to those of you who came to celebrate PJ's (or Paul's) life - our entire family truly appreciates it! I wish I was able to have talked with every single person that came to Friday's service - each of you meant so much to my brother - you probably will never know what an impact you had upon him (and us).

Without even realizing it PJ touched so many people - I only wish he was here to see the effect! He never would have belived it!

As Douglas Pegels wrote, "May your days all be blessed with the presence of an angel watching over you." My brother will now be that angel watching over you and trying to protect you. May you hold him in your heart and allow him to help you in journey here on earth.

Sandra Stamp said...

Paul, Tami and families... I was so honored to be a part of the celebration you had for PJ! It was the kind of event that made me realize how amazing life is, how resilient we are and how grateful I am to know and love you all.

Paul and Tami, you raised an amazing young man who (obviously) touched so very many lives. I know, in my heart, that he will continue to touch lives because of the impact he had on so many. Rest assured that my life was changed by knowing him and knowing his story. It is a beautiful story!

Paul, I am taking your challenge to improve my relationships with those that I love. Thank you for challenging us all to be better people!

Always know that your pain is a reflection of the love you have for PJ and that he is still with you... he always will be.

I love you all!

Dave Kauffman said...

May God bless all of you on your journey!

Dave and Carol Kauffman

SOS Members

Anonymous said...

This message is for Katie Mudd, PJ's sister. We were so saddened to read about your brother. Please accept our deepest sympathies. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
Mary & Bert Meier
Christopher, Erin & Kyle

Anonymous said...

Tami, my heart is sad for you and your family. We too lost our son last summer much too soon and very unexpectantly. I would love to talk to you. Our prayers and love go out to you at this sad time. Carol Kauffman 602 2774769

Anonymous said...

PJ, hardly an hour goes by that I'm not thinking of you. You're even in my dreams. I hear you strumming your guitar like you did on the front porch, over by Andy's "fort" in the front yard and on our trip to San Felipe. On Cyndie's birthday I found a CD recording in your "things" that your Mom and sister say is you! I can't even begin to say how much I miss you. Keep watch over me and all of us.

Anonymous said...

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark

At the end of a storm is a golden sky And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Tho' your dreams
Be tossed and blown

Walk on..
Walk on..
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

BE at peace my sweet PJ

Katie said...

I'm tired of checking this blog space and not seeing any more posts about my brother! Everyone talks about all the great times they had with him - I want to hear some of them! :)

Lately I've been thinking about PJ and when we would be driving around in his truck. He used to sit a certain way when he drove it- kind of laid back but hunched over. He also never wore his seatbelt - sorry dad! - and whenever the alarm would beep that it wasn't connected he would just reach down and push in the seatbelt release button to make it stop. I remember asking him how he found out that worked and he laughed (like usual) and just said, "I don't know. I just tried it once!" There are so many memories I have - 22 years worth- but everytime I get on here my mind goes blank. How is it possible to miss someone so much?

Anonymous said...

PJ was a backseat driver...he was awful to drive with...telling you to slow down, speed up, not so close to the car in front, watch out...and on and on and on. BUT, if you EVER said anything to him while he was driving, he would show you the curb! He wasn't ever very controlling, but in this, yes, indeed!

Anonymous said...

And what about of your favorite foods...but remember the first time when you ate it tail first - HA

Anonymous said...

Chocolate Frosty's one afternoon with Mom, Katie & Cyndie - unforgettable!!! Those in the KNOW, know what I'm talkin' about!!

...and in 2007 World-Famous Tassimos made by Paul Mudd, Grand Barista of Binner never tasted so good, what an experience...

Anonymous said...

You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing. I wove my webs for you because I liked you. After all, what's a life, anyway? We're born, we live a little while, we die. A spider's life can't help being something of a mess, with all this trapping and eating flies. By helping you, perhaps I was trying to lift up my life a trifle. Heaven knows anyone's life can stand a little of that.

Charlotte, "Charlotte's Web"

This is exactly how I think, feel, and interpret our lives together.

Anonymous said...

Memories...... hundreds.... thousands......

Going paintballing down in Maricopa and getting our asses shot off inside that helicopter. What a great time....

You getting me a box of paintballs for Christmas, or was it my birthday...... they still sit on top my desk in the living room. Another thing I did not do.. we talked... yeah, we'll have to do that again.... Another thing that won't happen....

Anonymous said...

Somebody made me think of something that you had done...some funny something. I was talking about you and how fun you could be....something I do often...only this time the person I was talking to had never met you. He thought you would be fun to get to know - said I should be sure to bring you made me stop and think - I don't think I can ever talk about you in the past tense. I can't bear to think about how many people will never get to know you and how all of my reminders of you are just that memories...

Anonymous said...

There are so many stories to tell but I can't get them to "type" without falling to pieces.

I was talking to someone today and you came up in the conversation and I was told "I'm not over it yet". CLUELESS......

I'll be "over it" when my heart stops beating and my lungs stop breathing and my body turns cold as was yours the morning they found you. Not until then.......


Anonymous said...

Remembering your lazy "L" t-shirt...

Anonymous said...

Would love to go and get dinner with you - of course, take out, since you hate to really "eat out."

Anonymous said...

I remember...everything...damn!

Anonymous said...

*trying to help PJ find the tool that was needed - he could never tell what was what - he would say, "help me find the wrench...which one is a wrench!?!"

*having sides on the trampoline separated right down the middle by the tags on either end

*riding our bikes down the alleyways and down the steep hill by the church

*watching 90102 - especially with the big pillows

Anonymous said...

The sound of my kids giggling as they tried to hide in the hallway...

Anonymous said...

Cyndie taking her first steps to her big brother - the one she always trusted would never let her down.

Anonymous said...

I was remembering the times we spent at the beach every summer and how much you and your sisters seemed to just come alive playing in the surf. We never really did anything on those vacations, just played and relaxed while the waves splashed all over you guys. I guess you would call those the "simpler days." I miss them and I miss you!

Anonymous said...

-getting ready of Halloween-even when you were grown, it was VERY important to have just the right costume!

Anonymous said...

*jumping on the trampoline with pillows on our heads

*driving on the freeway dancing

*eating breakfasts at mcdonalds before school

*riding our bikes home from school every once in a while

*teaching you how to do front and back flips on the trampoline and into the pool

Anonymous said...

It never cease to amaze me what is written here, and I always ask myself, "Where were the parents..." Ha, and being one of them, I thought we were right there...flipping into the pool, that means over the pool fence and in...Katie Mudd!!

Anonymous said...

Actually I meant teaching PJ how to do front and back flips on the trampoline and also how to do flips into the pool- not how to do flips from the trampoline into the pool! ;)

It's so funny the things that just pop into your head that you remember about a person. I hope that doesn't stop...

Anonymous said...

Your smile, always your smile...

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny how you and your sisters stick your tongue out just the slightest bit when you are really concentrating...just like Grandpa Mudd. I still see Katie and Cyndie doing it when they don't realize it...ha, Mudd blood.

Anonymous said...

*driving the ugly spray-painted bright-orange go-cart around in the church parking lot

*you staying up late to make us cd's b/c you didn't have any money to go buy presents

*seeing Fern Gully at Town & Country for $3

*eating hot dogs from Texaco for dinner by the Florida hotel

*playing volleyball across the white fence at solano

Anonymous said...

All those Novembers...from the first when you the last, when you were working so hard to be many days to remember, how can I forget any of them. What will Thanksgiving be like without you being totally obnoxious about turkey and being a pest in the kitchen??? And who can forgot your little jig...and the telemarketer who called on Thanksgiving and got you on the phone - only to hear your strange dialect - you scared them so bad, that THEY hung up. Forget?? NEVER!! I miss my "middle," too!

Anonymous said...

what about "shrimpies" and "chippers..."

Anonymous said...

Another month and you're still a mystery!

Anonymous said...

* trying to make waves in the pool with the kickboards

* making "jumps" in the street to go over on our bikes

* eating the shrimp backwards at bob's big boy restaurant

* talking about erin

* riding the atv in the alleys

* you bowling between your legs

Anonymous said...

Memories can be hell.

Anonymous said...

Paint balling in Maricopa

listening to you strumming that guitar of yours

going to Globe to PU that VW

listening to you talk about all the things you wanted to do in your life....(SIGH)

visiting you at Maverick House

Me telling you I'll see you later and you telling me "I'll call you"!

Anonymous said...

A new year, one that we will spend without you.

Gretchen B.C. said...

PJ - I have such great memories of babysitting you and your sisters! Although I didn't know you as you grew older as a baby growing up to a little boy your were always a little angel. All your family and friends are blessed to have had such a wonderful person in their lives. You are now the true angel you always were!

Anonymous said...

I miss yo so much and would give everything to have you back...just walking right through the door...leaning on me and calling me a "shrimp."

Anonymous said...

I dreamt that you were dancing with Erin at Katie and David's wedding - having so much fun, smiling, laughing - up on the roof...darn you for making this a "never going to happen" memory-

Anonymous said...

So, memories I'm left with...what we were doing 1 year hard we all were fighting for you, with you to beat this horrible thing.

Anonymous said...

I remember trying to explain Leap Year to you. You didn't believe me - and thought it was a day that everyone leaped wherever they went. You then proceeded to leap around the Vernon house so fast that you slipped, fell, and laughed SO loud!

Anonymous said...

I remember trying to explain Leap Year to you. You didn't believe me - and thought it was a day that everyone leaped wherever they went. You then proceeded to leap around the Vernon house so fast that you slipped, fell, and laughed SO loud!

Anonymous said...

I remeber your voice, calling my name - when you were laughing, crying, wanted something or just wanted me to pay attention. "MOM"

Anonymous said...

Are we running out of memories of you? How can that be possible?

I was looking at the stars last night and wondered which one is you. You, little PJ were a bright star in my life ... I think about you so much, as if you were my own child.

I remember you didn't sleep well when you were a baby! We loved to rock you and keep you safe. I truly wish I could turn back the clock. Could I have kept you safe?

Just know, the memories of you will always go on ... you have been a treasure for us!

Auntie T

Anonymous said...

The only way we can spare ourselves the pain of loving loved ones is to never have had them at all, and who would give up the thoughts, the loves, and the memories to spare ourselves the pain of their loss. Instead, let's say Thank God we had PJ as long as we did...

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